Friday, March 26, 2010

I have not updated in a LONG time. I have been keeping up my adoption blog, We are waiting to bring home our little boy Tedi. Since this is my med school blog. I felt it is appropriate to post for posterity that I matched for residency at the UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE.. it was my number one which is totally a blessing from God. I will add more later but I wanted to update briefly.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pictures from Christmas at Mom's and from a party with friends
Me and my mom
Me and JT

My mom and step dad, Bob

my step brother, Wes, and sister, Gretchen

Me and JT with our matching sweatshirts

Jacqueline and Chris

JT and Me being silly

Me and my beautiful friend Jacqueline after her game

Jac with her assistant coaches, Katie (left) and Lynsey (right)

Jac and JT and her dog Caroline..... They are crazy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

If anyone still reads, I wanted to ask you to check out the new blog JT has started about our adoption journey.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A walk.... before all the leaves are gone...

Halloween Weekend

I love fall but am not the biggest Halloween fan. So instead of dressing up and going out, we went to Huber's farm in southern Indiana. JT and I have been multiple times, but we decided to take my friend Jacqueline who had never been. While there, we left her little dog, Caroline, with my in-laws and Asia. Below are a few pictures from the weekend! (the dogs' eyes look weird... I couldn't fix them)

Asia and Caroline
Caroline, Asia and Topper
Jacqueline and Caroline
Me with JT's cousin Sydney
Me with JT's cousin Bailey
Jac and me with our ice pumpkin was yummy
JT on a tractor for the first time

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stella's 4th Birthday

My dear friend Emily has a special and very girly daughter Stella who celebrated her fourth birthday on October 26. JT and I feel like family with Emily and Jason so we attended the "family only" birthday party. I think I invited myself but oh well. It was a blast. (I will post pictures from our cruise soon.)

Gatlinburg 2009

We traveled to G-burg at the end of September with our friends. We stayed in Justin's parent's cabin for the weekend. Unfortunately it rained most of the weekend so we stayed in most of the time. This does not mean that fun was not had by all! Here are some pictures!

Me and Caroline, Jacqueline's teacup "shit-zoo"

Me, Jacqueline and Caroline

Jac and Caroline

Ashli and Ryan
JT with his beer sampler....and he does not even like beer

Friday, August 14, 2009

David & Sarah Hafley's Wedding

One of my dearest friends from childhood and high school, David Hafley, got married on August 8 in Indianapolis. JT and I felt it was important to make the trip in support of JT. It was also great to see friends from my past. It was very hot so if in the pictures we look sweaty, we were!!! The wedding was gorgeous, and probably one of the nicest I have been to.

JT & I at the wedding

Morgan Pence & I, one my closest friends growing up

Me with the groom, David

Morgan, David, & me

Me and Daniel Renner

The Reception

Jonathan Hart, David and Sarah Hafley

David & Sarah

The two younger Hart brothers on the left, Chris and Brody, and Jared Long

Me and Marilyn Hafley, David's aunt and my previous stepmom

Jimmy's Retirement Party

My father-in-law, Jimmy, retired from Bell South two weeks after working there for 36 years. People in my generation just don't work at the same place for the many years. My mother in law had a fabulous retirement party for him last Sunday. I took quite a few pictures and here are just few of them

Jimmy with seven of his Eagle Scouts, including JT and Daniel

The Henderson Family (JT, me, Jimmy, Sharon, Denise, Daniel)

JT, Phillip, and Phillip's daughter Annie

Jimmy with his cake

Sharon and her niece, Rhonda

JT and I (it was also our anniversary)

JT and his brother Daniel

Me and JT's mamaw

Denise and Daniel

JT and his father